Because no matter how careful you are, accidents happen

Claim Examples

Sports Liability

  • Baseball - A player sued for loss of opportunity. Alleges he was promised he would play short stop but instead played every game as 2nd base.
  • Gymnastics - Adult jumped into foam pit while attending niece's birthday party. Allegations that instructor encouraged the adult to try the manoeuvre.
  • Curling - Claimant slipped on the ice. Allegation the ice was especially slippery that day.
  • Skiing - Visually impaired skier escaped control of our instructors and hit a 3rd party.
  • Softball - Claimant allegedly sustained severe personal injuries as a result of slipping on a patch of goose excrement.
  • Athletics - During a 4 x 4 Relay the plaintiff tripped over starting blocks left on track.
  • Boxing - Non-skilled aggressive member taught lesson by more skilled boxer.
  • Gymnastics - Member over rotated and not caught by spotter.
  • Soccer - Goalie kicked player in the head while the player was trying to "head" the ball into goal.

Directors & Officers

  • Suspended player - association suspended a player for refusal to participate in association's fundraising activities
  • Replaced president - non-paying position but indignation / damage to reputation
  • Father sued association in 4 small claims actions - son not playing enough
  • Coach suspended for making derogatory statements about other coaches
  • Board revoked membership for abuse allegation
  • Board suspended coach for sexual impropriety - suspension too long
  • Coach suspended for improper language around 15 year old girls team
  • Suspended director for stealing money - director countersued saying it was the Board's fault for allowing it to happen
  • Sponsorship program - individual claimed association acted in bad faith preventing him from being successful - he was to share in the sponsorship profits
  • Private soccer firm sued association for refusing to sanction players traveling to the US
  • Association redrew boundaries for dividing city - one district area is suing the association as they did not want to play in another district
  • Player wanted to play for another team - different jurisdiction
  • Association expelled athlete due to parent's action - parent sued for player to be reinstated

Sport Accident

  • Soccer - player hyperextended knee while defending ball resulting in strain
  • Football - during a tackle, the running back suffered a concussion
  • Baseball - a fielder running to catch a pop-fly dislocated their arm when reaching over a fence
  • Softball - base runner slid into home plate and collided with catcher resulting in fractured arm
  • Gymnastics - gymnast strained ankle when landing on mat after dismount
  • Basketball - when scrambling for the ball, one player's elbow made contact with another's mouth and fractured teeth

User Groups

  • BC Supreme Court decision 2003 BCSC 1303 - Cowichan Valley School District No. 28 vs Lloyd's Underwriters. During a baseball tournament, one of the players broke an ankle and sued the District. The association was not named in the lawsuit and the allegation of negligence was failure to maintain the field. The School District sued the association's insurer for coverage. The Court ruled in favour of the School District.
  • City of New Westminster vs Griffiths - Griffiths fell on ice during adult recreational hockey game. New Westminster tried to make the Individual that signed the rental agreement liable - "indemnify and hold harmless New Westminster". Court said "it would be inappropriate for New Westminster to attempt to have someone like Mr. ____ act as insured of New Westminster".
  • Canadian Orchid Congress - rented a room in a municipal building and snow slid off the roof causing an injury to one of the attendees. Municipality is trying to force us to defend.