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Risk Management

Loss Control Program

A Sport Loss Control Program, when implemented by a Sport Governing Body, has several advantages:

  • Will provide a safer sport environment for all participants through the development of safety guidelines for each sport
  • Will demonstrate to the public an intense commitment to program safety for all participants
  • Will assist in the establishment of minimum educational standards for coaches, thereby enhancing public credibility
  • Will provide educational opportunities and professional development for the coach
  • Will provide a framework for program and facility evaluation and with proper record keeping, defense in case of litigation
  • Will record all accidents, injuries and incidents to permit constant evaluation of program operation, effect of rules and regulations and performances of equipment

Components and Responsibilities


The identification and measurement of the exposures to which the organization is subjected.
RESPONSIBILITY: The regional Insurance Broker with Markel-Allsport in conjunction with each client group.


Accidents resulting in injury or property damage usually occur as a result of an unsafe act or unsafe condition. By recording and reporting Allsports related injuries, accidents and incidents and keeping a detailed data base, a sport will be able to identify and therefore concentrate on acts and conditions that lead to losses. Accordingly, strategies, procedures or regulations can be developed to reduce the number of losses and the consequences of those losses should they occur.

Risk Control will involve a review of both the environment and the people involved in programs and will formulate a review of information gathering systems currently in place. This will include such areas as instruction, supervision, emergency systems, equipment and facilities, suitability and the use of warnings and waiver liability forms. Risk Control can be considered in 4 major categories:


  1. Coaches must have appropriate certification and/or be experienced.
    RESPONSIBILITY: Sport Governing Body, Individual Team/Club
  2. Participants must have degree of fitness compatible with the sport in which they are involved and should be conversant with the standard safety rules applicable to the sport.
    RESPONSIBILITY: Individual Players, Officials, Sport Governing Body
  3. Officials must be qualified.
    RESPONSIBILITY: Individual Officials, Sport Governing Body
  4. Volunteers must be completely aware of their role.
    RESPONSIBILITY: Sport Governing Body, Team/Club
  5. Spectators must have adequate separation from participants.
    RESPONSIBILITY: Sport Governing Body, Coach, Team/Club


  1. Protective Equipment must be approved, used correctly and well maintained.
    RESPONSIBILITY: Sport Governing Body, Individual Coach, Athlete
  2. Medical Supplies must be on site with experienced personnel available.
    RESPONSIBILITY: Sport Governing Body, Team/Club


  1. Playing Fields, etc. must be safe and regularly inspected.
    RESPONSIBILITY: Sport Governing Body, Coach


  1. Procedures - operating procedures should be developed for a variety of conditions that occur in the sport, i.e. practice, league, major competitions. For example, minimum expectations for on-site medical and paramedical personnel must be established.
    RESPONSIBILITY: Sport Governing Body
  2. Qualifications - information on each coach and official within the system must be regularly updated and maintained. Education standards should include Sports First-Aid Level 1 and CPR as a minimum in safety training.
    RESPONSIBILITY: Sport Governing Body
  3. Safety Standards - minimum standards should be developed, regularly reviewed and general safety guidelines for the sport should be widely distributed.
    RESPONSIBILITY: Sport Governing Body, regional Insurance Broker with Markel-Allsport.
  4. Emergency Action Plans (EAP) and protocols must be established for each venue used by the sport. Coaches/Managers should be aware of the location of the nearest hospital, physician, etc. EAPs should be reviewed regularly to ensure all personnel are familiar with it. In addition, provision must be made for all events (tournaments, etc.) to have adequate medical/paramedical personnel in attendance.
    RESPONSIBILITY: Sport Governing Body, Team/Coach
  5. Claims Procedures - procedures must be developed to encourage and where mandatory by insurance policy to require prompt and proper information gathering for all serious accidents which involve potential disability or loss of income. Such procedures must permit an easy flow of information from participants, teams, trainers and officials to the governing body.
    RESPONSIBILITY: Coach, Trainer, Sport Governing Body, regional Insurance Broker with Markel-Allsport.

The regional Insurance Broker representing Markel-Allsport has further information relating to liability and accident programs specially designed for Sport groups.